Vettori Family workshop in Florence

Vettori Family
  The Tradition begins with the elder Dario in 1935 at Firenzuola, continues with his son Paolo, and is now carried into the new century with his grandchildren Dario,Sofia and Lapo, who work with their father in Florence. In the 1970s and 1980s Paolo frequently visited the workshop of Sderci family in order to observe their technique, and similarly frequented Lapo Casini. In the mid 1980s, he became a friend and disciple of G. Stefanini, who was coming to Florence in his last years from whom Paolo learned the skills and art of Bisiach family.
The Vettori workshop is particularly concerned with the selection of fine wood. At present, upon request, the workshop will construct instruments, using spruce from Tuscan Appenines, felled in 1772 (the age and the provenance of the wood, is guaranteed by the Departement of Dendrocronology of the university of Tuscia).
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