Vettori Family, violin makers,liutai in Florence, Firenze

Vettori Family violin makers,liutai in Florence, Firenze






10-11-12 April 2014, we are in New York "Mondo Musica"

82, Mercer SoHo, booth 12

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Paolo Vettori e Figli s.n.c. via della Dogana 10 50121 Firenze P.IVA 04937080481

The workshop of Paolo Vettori & Sons is a one of a kind in Italy where three generations of violin makers have practiced their craft without
a break in the tradition. The tradition begins with Dario in 1935 Firenzuola. It continues with his son Paolo and has been carried into the next generation by Paolo’s children, Dario, Sofia and Lapo who work together alongside their father in their workshop in Florence...... La bottega di Paolo Vettori e Figli, è l' unica in Italia che vanta tre generazioni ininterrotte di liutai: da Dario il vecchio che inizia nel 1935 a Firenzuola, al figlio Paolo ed ai nipoti Dario II, Sofia e Lapo che continuano la tradizione in Firenze.